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[The Artistic Image]
transform your photographs with pigment and wax

(a beginner’s online photo encaustic course)


What You Should Know

Clare O’Neill, d/b/a Taylor & O’Neill, does not make any claims that guarantee specific results with this program. Results will vary based on your level of effort, and even then, your results may vary. Working with your images and encaustic wax and pigments is amazing, but an online course is not right for everyone. Trust yourself and make the best choice for you. The curriculum is self-paced and you must take ownership of your learning. I’m here as a facilitator and a resource. I will provide you with tons of instruction, videos, feedback and inspiration but ultimately you will be setting your own goals and being accountable for those goals. Hot griddles, melted wax, sharp tools, pigments, etc., may prove to be too much for some people. Please be careful and know that Taylor & O’Neill is not responsible for any injuries you may incur during your process.

Copyright Information: Unless otherwise specified, all images, video and text provided are property of Taylor & O’Neill. You will have full access to the material forever if you download it to your computer. Just know that I’m a huge, huge believer in karma. Please do not act unethically or dishonestly by sharing this information with those who have not registered for the course. Otherwise karma will be there to bite you hard!

Facebook Group: Participation in the Facebook group is a privilege and not guaranteed. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for negativity, bullying, drama, gossip, or toxic energy. The group is a place to encourage and support your fellow artists. If you disagree or have an opposing viewpoint to share, do it with respect, honor and from a place of compassion. Spirited debate about ideas or concepts is awesome, personal attacks are not.  If you are dissatisfied with me or the course please contact me directly. Any negative comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

By paying for for the eCourse now, you are guaranteeing your spot in a highly anticipated class. Because of the nature of eCourses (once you pay for it, you’ll have access to the classroom), all sales are final.


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