One-on-one Mentoring

Photo Encaustic

Private Coaching

with Clare O’Neill

You’re a talented and passionate artist who loves to create and express yourself through your art.
You want to learn and grow in the photo encaustic medium, and as an artist in general. But lately you’ve been feeling stuck, disconnected from your work, and perhaps a little unsure of how to move forward.


Some creative guidance, a fresh perspective, and a little encouragement would work wonders to help you out of your creative slump.


If this sounds like something you need, I can help. Get in touch.
With my one on one coaching and mentoring services I help you hone your creative vision,
get clarity around your goals and master your artistic skills.



But this is not a one-size-fits-all approach…
Your program will be specifically designed to meet YOUR needs. So whether it’s refining your skills, finding your voice, having your work critiqued, or something entirely different, your program is customized to suit YOU.
Before we get started we’ll determine the best use of our time together so we can hit the ground
running and get you to where you want to be.



You can choose between two coaching options:



This coaching is offered to artists with existing knowledge and skills of basic photo encaustics who are seeking a much greater level of support in their skills, or with their overall artistic vision.





If you’re completely new to encaustics, my online encaustic workshop is a wonderful way to learn the basics.
You can check it out here>>
To learn more about photo encaustic and to get answers to some commonly asked questions
head over to my blog. 
You can find out more about my online programs here, and if you still have questions
about my coaching services you can email me.


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