Encaustic Materials List

Getting Started

This is a mixed-media class, so you’ll definitely need a variety of supplies. Upon registration you will be provided with a detailed supply list including links to purchasing a material kit or a la carte. The supply list is broken down into encaustic specific and everyday items. My suggestion is to start with less expensive tools and upgrade as you experiment and progress. The most expensive items you’ll have to purchase is an electric skillet and heat gun (unfortunately there is no substitute to the heat gun – a hair dryer will not work.)



Electric griddle with adjustable temperature controls
Hot gun with adjustable temperature


Encaustic supplies:

Encaustic medium
Encaustic paints
Encaustic pigment stick
Wood panels
Hake brush
Artists oil paint
Dry pigment or powdered graphite
Oil pastels
Yes! Paste
Paraffin Wax



Matte digital printing paper
Digital printer or commercial source for printing


Everyday items:

Chip brushes
Straight edge razor blades
Paper towels
Vegetable/Walnut oilFoam roller
Putty knife
Box cutter or X-acto knife
Window fan
Tissue paper


Optional items:

Painters Tape
Disposable gloves
Misc kitchen/hardware store items
Watercolor paints


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