Hi. I'm Clare


A passion-fuelled artist and teacher, I believe in rich imagery, Clare O'Neillbold brush strokes and playful gesture.

I’m guessing that you’re trying to figure out where to go next with your images, and only know what you want to unleash your creativity. It’s been a long time since you’ve ‘played’ and you want to remember that childhood feeling of not being confined. You want playfulness and mystery to come out in your work.

My purpose is to teach you about this amazing alternative photographic process called photo encaustic and give you the support, inspiration, and strategies to find your artistic vision using the medium. I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ve been searching to find a way to add more depth, texture and interest to your photographs.

This site is full of incredible resources, ideas, and opportunities to learn. This is a space where I will share my experiences, reflections, trials, and yes, even errors with you through posts, videos, interviews, and all things photo encaustic. And of course, I’ll be looking for your comments and experiences too.


My Aha Moment.

I was fascinated with encaustic painting the first time I saw it and knew I wanted to incorporate my photographs with this ancient waxed-based medium. I knew I wanted a hands-on approach to my images. I no longer wanted a flat two-dimensional image. I wanted my work to have texture and a three-dimensional quality.

I began by simply pouring wax over my images. It was better but still not quite right. I longed for more of an ethereal and textured feel.

During one of my visits to Vail, CO and wondered into Forre Fine Art and was immediately drawn to the work of Ashley Collins. That was it. In front of me was the texture and feel that I was longing for in my own work. Ashley isn’t an encaustic artist, but her bold brush strokes and lines became my inspiration.

This new inspiration meant that I had to work differently. No longer was I starting with the image glued to a substrate and layering on top. Now I was building up layers of wax and incorporating the image as a top layer. I experimented with both printing on tissue paper and photo transfers. The tissue paper process gave me results I LOVED.  I knew I had something special.

To see more of my work visit www.ClareONeill.com





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