You want to know all about photo encaustic. You love photography and want to put more of yourself into your work. You want to have fun exploring your images while being more hands-on. I love that too. That is what drew me to photo encaustic. That and the way the light pulls me into the image.

Don’t worry if you are a little apprehensive and haven’t tried anything like this before. Encaustic is incredibly forgiving and the best part is that you can always ‘undo’ what you did.

A world of creative possibilities exists and is waiting for your personal artistic expression. You’re going to be over-the-moon with what you learn and how it adds a three-dimensional quality to your photographs.



Your eCourse helped me not only elevate my fine-art work, but my own confidence and identification as an artist—because of your class for the first time in 25+ years as a photographer, I actually feel like an artist.           -Kelly Fitzsimmons


What You Should Do Next.

Get a sneak peek inside my toolbox. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I’ll send you a download of my favorite tools…..the ones that I use to create all my art. But more importantly you’ll be joining a community of other like-minded artists who are passionate about learning the process of combining their photographs with hot beeswax, pigments, textures, and playfulness.

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